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Buying My Wife Better Beauty Products

My wife is obsessed with makeup, which is why I usually try to get her something special for her birthday. Unfortunately, last year, my gift really fell flat. I purchased an eyeshadow kit that was chock full of colors, but the actual powders weren't the best quality. It was frustrating for her, and I felt really bad that I hadn't invested more into the gift. However, I did some research to learn more about makeup and brands, and now I can buy cosmetics with the best of them. Check out this blog for great ways to tell good products from the bad.

Buying My Wife Better Beauty Products

Ways To Use And Enjoy Your Oudh Oil

Lucia Roman

Oudh oil, also known as oud oil, is a very fragrant oil derived from agarwood. The wood has to become infected with a certain mold in order to excrete this fine, fragrant oil. Extracting the oil is also a specific science. As such, oudh oil is highly sought-after and rather prized. If you should happen to get your hands on some of this precious oil, the following are some suggestions for enjoying and using it.

Scent Your Accessories

Oudh oil's scent does not always blend well with the natural oils of your body. (This depends on the person -- some people's oils create a lovely aroma when blended with oudh oil, and others do not.) As such, it's often nicer to apply the oil to an accessory that you wear than to your own skin. You can dab a tiny bit of oudh oil on a scarf, necklace, or bracelet that you plan on wearing. The scent will linger for days or weeks, so you may be able to get away without reapplying the scent each time you wear the accessory, which can stretch your oil further.

Apply to Your Wrist

If you do like the way your natural scent combines with that of the oudh oil, the best spot to apply the oil is on your wrist. Your wrist stays warm due to the abundant blood circulation here, so the oil gives off more of its fragrance. Yet, your wrist is not as oily as your neck, so you don't have to worry about the oudh oil running or wearing off as quickly. Start with just a tiny drop on one wrist; then, rub your wrists together.

Add to Pot Pourri

Perhaps you want your space to smell like lovely oudh oil. An easy way to spread the scent is to make your own pot pourri. Obtain a few pine cones, and place a drop or two of oudh oil on each one of them. Place the pine cones in a bowl where you get plenty of air circulation. In front of a window or under a ceiling fan are both good spots. You can add more oil to the pine cones as needed -- every few weeks tends to be sufficient.

These are just a few of the ways you can enjoy the scent of your oudh oil. You could also look into making soaps, candles, and other accessories. Enjoy!