Buying My Wife Better Beauty Products
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Buying My Wife Better Beauty Products

My wife is obsessed with makeup, which is why I usually try to get her something special for her birthday. Unfortunately, last year, my gift really fell flat. I purchased an eyeshadow kit that was chock full of colors, but the actual powders weren't the best quality. It was frustrating for her, and I felt really bad that I hadn't invested more into the gift. However, I did some research to learn more about makeup and brands, and now I can buy cosmetics with the best of them. Check out this blog for great ways to tell good products from the bad.

Buying My Wife Better Beauty Products

  • Ways To Use And Enjoy Your Oudh Oil

    21 August 2019

    Oudh oil, also known as oud oil, is a very fragrant oil derived from agarwood. The wood has to become infected with a certain mold in order to excrete this fine, fragrant oil. Extracting the oil is also a specific science. As such, oudh oil is highly sought-after and rather prized. If you should happen to get your hands on some of this precious oil, the following are some suggestions for enjoying and using it.

  • What's So Great About Criss Cross Eyelashes?

    29 April 2019

    When you want your eyes to go from nice to stunning, you want to add some great false eyelashes to your makeup regimen. However, when it comes to false eyelashes, wearing the wrong ones can end up being a lot more trouble than they are worth. Luckily, there is one type of eyelashes that are great for many reasons. Criss Cross false eyelashes offer many of the features so many as for in false eyelashes that would make them happy.